POD – free standing floor light – 2016

POD light is a three-legged standing floor LED light. One of its legs is the actual light source, which can be turned 360 ° degrees and positioned to the right direction for giving indirect light. Characteristic form is inspired by the vintage camera stands. Robotic and sympathetic look combines accessiple familiar shape and modern technology.

POD can be folded for efficient delivering and storage. All of the main parts can be easily connected together and flat packed to the 100 × 200 × 1250 or 1700 mm package. Alternatively construction can be build up by the manufacturer before delivering and folded to the triangle shaped tubular package then product is ready for use immediately.

All the main parts can be manufactured with easy production methods by combining efficient laser cutting and general material machining. Product contains two lacquered wooden oak and anodized aluminum legs with aluminum mechanical parts. In the future there can be seen also sophisticated and anodized colors combined with natural wood. Parts can be easily separated and recycled.

| Dimensions and tech specs

Height 1150 & 1600 mm
Width folded Ø 160 mm, Opened Ø 450-600 mm

| Technical specs:

500 & 700 lm, 10 & 14 w, 24 v, 3000 K



^ Photos: Annikki Valomieli