Award / Exhibition / Product Design

1st prize for Trefoil in LUMINORD luminaire competition!

“In particular, the jury praised the light fitting’s beautiful, and classic, clean Scandinavian aesthetic, well-suited to the home environment. This is a highly developed, technologically advanced, and industrially feasible product family, with the different types of light fittings designed to be compatible with each other. The LED module used as the light source is energy-efficient, and attention has also been paid to the controllability of the unit. The aesthetic of the light fitting deserves praise and it has the potential for international success. “

-Luminord competition Jury

Award / Exhibition / Product Design

Lexus Creating Amazing Award for Trefoil in Ecodesign Exhibition / Habitare, 2014

“Lexus Finland, the cooperation partner of the EcoDesign exhibition, handed out a €2,000 Lexus Creating Amazing award. This award was split between two designers,Simo Serpola and Shogo Tamura. Serpola’s Trefoil light fitting and Tamura’s Limb stool
challenged norms and gave the viewers the biggest wow factor.”

– Lexus Creating Amazing Award