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“Observe” group exhibition, 13th Nov-11th Dec 2015

Observe is an exhibition based on Oded Peled’s Photographs, recreated by a variety of established artists from Helsinki. It’s a manifestation of Oded’s life as a traveller and his long term work as a DJ and event producer, where he has always strived to get people together and create positive memories.

The photographs are remixed by Jani Tolin, Jenni Ritamäki, Jarkko “Kryon” Ojanen, Pietari Kaakkomäki, Anita Naukkarinen, Christian Sjöholm, Marjo Maininki, Esther Peled Ancker, Simo Serpola and more to be added…

The exhibition is extended into the digital world through a webshop- . Products include some of the art from the show, prints and exclusive artist designed headphones and Pure Waste T-Shirts.

A part of the exhibitions and the webshop profits will go directly to the Arts Kid Can Do organization, helping rebuild and enrich the lives of children living on the streets of Kathmandu.

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#HCPSPIRIT – Making the webshop a reality

Aksidenssi – Prints

Arts Kid Can Do – Kathmandu